About Us

AL FANAR BUSINESSMEN SERVICES is an experienced team of dedicated professionals who have been providing business consultancy services in Dubai over the last 25 years. Our team of experts assists start-up companies and already existing companies by providing and offering a wide range of services.
Free consultation on how to successfully enter the UAE market.
The provision and sourcing of Reliable Sponsorships.
Business networking: introduce and link you to Prominent Business Contacts.
Conduct background checks on potential or existing partners.
Plan and organize Events and Seminars.
Arrange and book Business Travel & Leisure

Why Choose Us

Want a generating risk-free business in the UAE? AL FANAR BUSINESS MEN SERVICES is here to give you the best consultancy and solutions you need to succeed.
Let’s work together. Send us an email, info@alfanaruae.com telling us about your business ideas to get started.