Business Travel & Leisure


AL FANAR BUSINESSMEN SERVICES will help you save money by combining business travel and leisure. We also provide you with the best way to manage your corporate business travel, group travel, events, and more. We manage all aspects of your business travel to assure a stress-free trip.
We can arrange for fun filled adventures and comprehensive programs for your children while you attend your business meetings or conferences.

Dubai has emerged as a truly cosmopolitan city, boasting of the following:-

  • World-class shopping and the world’s largest shopping mall – the Dubai Marina Mall
  • Snowy indoor slopes for skiing
  • The world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa
  • The world’s only 7 Star Hotel, Burj Al Arab
  • Beautiful beaches, (private and public)
  • Man-made islands.
  • The untamed Desert, where you can drive or ride camels along the glittering dunes.

AL Fanar will offer a travel guide who will point you to the major attractions as you explore this fascinating and vibrant city.