Debt Recovery

Unpaid debt is increasingly causing severe cash flow problems for businesses, and is a serious cause of their loss. AL FANAR can recover what is owed to you whilst still maintaining a professional relationship with your customers. We have one of the highest rates of successful debt recovery in Dubai and throughout UAE, be it collection from businesses or collection from consumers.
AL FANAR provides the following debt relief services
Amicable settlement through mediation on Business to Business Debts.
Resolving Bounced or Returned Cheque Issues
Collection of unpaid invoices through mediation with fair debt collection practices
Unpaid salaries collection

Once debtors are located and contacted, we make them sign an acknowledgement of the debt, and encourage them to settle same in the shortest possible time. We also provide credit control functions for companies.
We enjoy our work and value our relationship with our clients and protecting their interests is our passion. With AL FANAR BUSINESSMEN SERVICES you can be rest assured to recover your money.