Legal Translation

AT AL FANAR BUSINESSMEN SERVICES, we respect your privacy and we guarantee that all documents entrusted to us will remain strictly confidential. We believe that quality is born out of combining experience with knowledge. Each translation project goes through a quality review for linguistic accuracy and an additional review for content layout.
Our highly experienced staff can help you achieve your goals and meet all your translation requirements i.e.
Legal Accredited Translation.
General Translation.
Medical Translation.
Economy and Finance Translation.
Media Content Translation.
Website Translation.

We take an individual approach to every translation project. Our competitive rates are determined by the following factors:-
Number of words
Type of text (general or specialized)
Deadline (standard or express)
Other special requirements

Arabic – English
Arabic – Chinese
Arabic – French
Arabic – Russian
Arabic – Persian
Arabic – Urdu
Arabic – Hindi

And vice versa.

PLEASE NOTE: Discounts are available to large projects and repeat clients.